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"Come back here, you black rascal." "Can't come back nohow, massa; Dis chile's CONTRABAN'"

Photograph of Miriam D. Mann

Interview with Miss Mary Jane Wilson who graduated from the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute in 1874.

Photograph of Mary Smith Peake, teacher.

From item caption:"Fugitive slaves approaching the Federal sentinels rear of Fortess Monroe and seeking the protection of General Butler. Fugitive slaves entering Fortress Monroe - passing the drawbridge at the main entrance guarded by theā€¦

Photocopy of an original photograph

Excerpt from the Acts of the General Assembly of the State of Virginia, passed at the session of 1869-'70 showing Virginia granting a charter establishing the Hampton Agricultural and Normal Institute.

General Armstrong was instrumental in starting the Hampton University, then known as the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute.
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