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Biographical information for Miriam D. Mann, one of the "human computers" for NASA

Photograph of Booker T. Washington, who graduated from the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute.

Man participates in the dig for historical evidence of the "contraband" camp in Hampton, Virginia.

Photograph showing the results of a dig for the Hampton History Museum on the site of a "Contraband" camp. Holes like this were used by slaves to store personal belongings.

"Come back here, you black rascal." "Can't come back nohow, massa; Dis chile's CONTRABAN'"

Excerpt from the Acts of the General Assembly of the State of Virginia, passed at the session of 1869-'70 showing Virginia granting a charter establishing the Hampton Agricultural and Normal Institute.

General Armstrong was instrumental in starting the Hampton University, then known as the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute.
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