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Letter signed by NASA director Floyd L. Thompson congratulating Miriam D. Mann on 20 years of Federal Government service. The letter is dated April 1, 1963 and describes the award Mrs. Mann would receive at the ceremony in October 1963.

Launching of the Mercury-Redstone 3 (MR-3) spacecraft from Cape Canaveral on a suborbital mission -- the first U.S. manned spaceflight. The Mercury-Redstone 3 was the first United States human spaceflight, on May 5, 1961, piloted by astronaut Alan…

Worked at NACA and NASA with tracking teams of manned and unmanned orbital missions. Notable calculations included trajectory for Alan Shepard‘s 1959 flight; Verification calculations made for John Glenn's 1962 orbit; and calculations for the 1969…

Interview with Miss Mary Jane Wilson who graduated from the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute in 1874.

General Armstrong was instrumental in starting the Hampton University, then known as the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute.

Excerpt from the Acts of the General Assembly of the State of Virginia, passed at the session of 1869-'70 showing Virginia granting a charter establishing the Hampton Agricultural and Normal Institute.

"Come back here, you black rascal." "Can't come back nohow, massa; Dis chile's CONTRABAN'"

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