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James LaFaye


Photographs, newspaper clippings, and various government documents commemorating the Lafaye family's time in Rondo.

Contributors: LaFaye, James

Taffy Jones

Pullman Porter Hat (Angle 1)

A Pullman Porter Great Northern Railroad uniform hat that belonged to the contributor's great grandfather, Mr. Joseph Robert Jones.

Contributors: Jones, Taffy

Michael T. Martin


A newspaper clipping from the 1940s.

Contributors: Martin, Michael T.

Nieeta Presley


A collection of photos surrounding the life of Louie Heloise Tabor Neal. The photos span her life from 1932-1957.

Jeanne Gehrman


A coffee cup from an old liquor store in Rondo.

Contributors: Gehrman, Jeanne

Karon Sanigular


Ceramic mug and pitcher set embossed with identical images of elk and clocks

Contributors: Sanigular, Karon

Joan Perteet Thompson


Family heirloom from the civil war.

Contributors: Thompson, Perteet Joan

Thomas Kustermann


A series of photographs of Thomas Kustermann's grandparents, as well as other unnamed people. Also documents and photos about McGill Grocery Store,…

Contributors: Kustermann, Thomas

Patricia Lamb

Patricia "Pat" Lamb gives an account of her time in Rondo.

Contributors: Patricia Lamb

Marion Jones Kennon and Diane Jones Smith


One sterling silver baby spoon engraved with “Mary Alice,” the contributor’s mother; a distressed pink glass water goblet owned by Robert Archie…

Contributors: Kennon, Marion J. & Smith, Diane J.