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Swedish bobbin lace pillow used for making lace, with patterns and home-made lace. The Swedish woman who owned the item, Elsie Johannsen Operland, immigrated from Motala to the Rondo area in 1903 where she became a charter member of Central Baptist…

A newspaper article written by James LaFaye about his summer adventures in Europe.

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Photograph of Florence and Readus Fletcher, a Rondo mother and son, taken by Gordon Parks at Esther Peake Studios located in Rondo.

An informational flyer explaining the construction of the Rondo Commemorative Plaza. Along with the intended engraved saying.

“In Memory of


Mother and Dad

The LaFaye Family”

Photo of Nate Evans, the first Black fire fighter at Fire Station #22 on Front and Matilda Street. A current firefighter, Gerone Hamilton, brought in the image and is photographed with it (right), alongside Marvin R. Anderson (left).

A coffee cup from Square Deal Liquor Store at 618 Rondo Ave in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

World War II Projectionist Certificate U.S. Army for Mathew J. Russell of Rondo.

Marvin Anderson's first paycheck stub from his first job at Whirlpool. He worked as a general laborer and assembled the handles on all the vacuum cleaners.

Marian Brown-Moore contributed this family photograph. Pictured are mother and father William and Laura Brown, along with Marian and sibling.
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