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A timeline detailing the history, signifigant events, and other information about the steamer "The Capitol." The boat was active between 1879 and 1945, and made trips to St. Paul

Official drawing of the floorplan for the property at 318 Farrington

A photo of the steam boat that James LaFaye's father came North to St. Paul on the Mississippi River

Jones_Taffy_full (2) (2).mp3
Taffy Jones discusses her great-grandfather's Pullman Porter uniform hat with the help of her mother, Jewell Jones.

Various photographs of a young man, a woman holding a fish, a man with many boys, and a family.

Photograph of a young boy (LaFaye?) in a sailor suit next to a car.

Photo of Boiloul Gardener, Muriel Edmond, Louie Heloise Neal, Stanley Tabor Jr, Rhylian Gardener, and Connie Jackson Sitting together. All of them are around six and seven years old.

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Map of St. Paul from Kent St. to College Ave. in 1962.

Photo of Stanley A. Tabor Sr. on the left and Gaylord fishing.

Pullman Porter Hat (Angle 1)
Two photos of a Great Northern Railroad Pullman Porter Uniform Hat, as well as one photo with Jewell and Taffy Jones, descendants of Joseph Robert Jones, to whom the hat belonged.
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