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Newspaper article about local store owner Joe Martin giving groceries to a hungry young woman without money. Originally owned by Joe Martin, grandfather of Michael Martin.

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A color postcard showing the luxury car of the Northern Pacific Railroad. Lucius Archie Anderson, father of Marvin Anderson, is the waiter in the far right of the postcard.

Photocopy of The Helper Newspaper, Volume 11, No. 12

Photo of family momentos with Sterling Vincent Owens, Sr. and Wanda Marie Piper Owens (1942); Sterling Owens, Sr., Director of St. Paul Urban League.

A newspaper clipping of a photograph of the old Rondo neighborhood.  The picture shows the intersection of Rondo Street (Avenue) and Arundel Street as it was before the construction of I-94.  The story is part of the Recorder's Black History Month…

This advertisement from the St. Paul Sun announces the Grand Opening of Rangh Court located at 989-995 Rondo Avenue. It was a project developed by the Twin Cities Negro Development Co., Inc. The St. Paul Sun was a newspaper distinct to the Rondo…

Photograph portrays Archie Anderson Senior on the right and Ira Rawls on the left in front of the housing development. Archie Anderson, Sr. was the secretary of the project at Twin City Negro Development Co.; Rawls was the president.

Newspaper article about WWII published in the Twin Cities Courier in honor of Veteran's Day, 1978.  Photo of St. Anthony men originally taken February 28, 1942.

This is a rapid repair receipt from the Ecklen Radio Co. for Marvin Anderson's first car, a 1954 Chevy Coupe.

Swedish bobbin lace pillow used for making lace, with patterns and home-made lace. The Swedish woman who owned the item, Elsie Johannsen Operland, immigrated from Motala to the Rondo area in 1903 where she became a charter member of Central Baptist…
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