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Photo of Boiloul Gardener, Muriel Edmond, Louie Heloise Neal, Stanley Tabor Jr, Rhylian Gardener, and Connie Jackson Sitting together. All of them are around six and seven years old.

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Photo of Stanley A. Tabor Sr. on the left and Gaylord fishing.

Photo of Thomas Kustermann's grandfather, the was owner of McGill's Grocery Store.

Photo of Thomas Kustermann's grandparents and two younger people sitting on couch.

Photograph of one man (Kustermann's grandfather) and three teenage looking boys on a couch.

Photo shows from let to right: Nieeta Laurene Neal Presley-age 7, Louie Heloise Tabor Neal- age 28, Renee Neal-3 to 4 months. The photo was take at 626 1/2 Rondo Ave Lende Bishop Neal's House

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Photo shows Thomas Kustermann's grandparents, owners of McGill Grocery Store, sitting in a chair

Photo from left to right shows: Nieeta Laurene Neal Presley-age 20, Laurene Hogan Tabor (grandmother), Louie Heloise Tabor-Neal- about age 45. Infront Andrea Deray Presley-age 2. Photo taken at Como Park

Left to right: Oldest brother Roger Neal, J- age 7, Mother Louie Heloise Tabor Neal, Second oldest brother Wynfered Neal- age 4. In front: Nieeta Laurene Neal Preskey- age 1.

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