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Theatre Productions 1905 to Present



The Theatre and Dance Collection provides a look at Macalester College's productions through a wealth of archival materials: photographs, play bills, programs, yearbooks, and articles. The Collection spans the decades from the earliest years in Oratory and Elocution to its present day as the department of Theatre and Dance.

The Theatre and Dance Collection has two components: a timeline and a searchable database. The “Timeline of Productions” is organized by decades and academic years. Each decade begins with a brief overview, list of faculty, and list of productions, followed by the production materials for each year in that decade.  An asterisk will indicate those productions for which no photographs are available. The “Theatre and Dance Database" allows users to search the collection by year, name of the production, playwright, director, designer, actors, crew members, and faculty.

The materials that appear in the Theatre and Dance Collection come from the Macalester College Archives housed in the DeWitt Wallace Library. The archive and library staff have generously supported the development of this project, created by Dan Keyser, Associate Professor Emeritus. He wishes to especially thank Ellen Holt-Werle, Archivist, John Meyerhofer, Digital Scholarship Librarian and Chris Schommer, Senior Library Associate in Digital Scholarship and Services.

The Theatre and Dance Department welcomes feedback and comments. If you have photographs for productions with an asterisk, or can help identify people in photographs where there is a question mark, please feel free to contact Johanna Lorbach, Department Coordinator at or 651-696-6611.