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Archie Anderson


Various photograph’s of Mr. Anderson’s father’s housing development; including ones depicting Ira Rawls, the President of Twin City Negro…

Contributors: Anderson, Archie.

Gloria Yvonne Presley Massey


A Record Collection featuring musical artists before Motown, photographs of family members, and a newspaper article about a boxing match.

Contributors: Massey, Gloria Y. P.

Jackie Cooper


Records (45 Rpm) contained in a blue Samsonite suitcase.

Contributors: Cooper, Jackie.

James LaFaye


Photographs, newspaper clippings, and various government documents commemorating the Lafaye family's time in Rondo.

Contributors: LaFaye, James

Jeanne Gehrman


A coffee cup from an old liquor store in Rondo.

Contributors: Gehrman, Jeanne

Jim Gerlich

A detailed map of the Rondo Neighborhood between the years of 1920 and 1960, featuring the significant buildings, landmarks, and businesses in the…

Contributors: Gerlich, Jim.

Joan Perteet Thompson


Family heirloom from the civil war.

Contributors: Thompson, Perteet Joan

Joyce P. Williams

A sweet potatoe pie recipe from the Watkins Cookbook, a soup tureen, and a photograph of Rondo published in the Recorder.

Contributors: Williams, Joyce P.

Karon Sanigular


Ceramic mug and pitcher set embossed with identical images of elk and clocks

Contributors: Sanigular, Karon

Marian Brown-Moore


A 1970's Photograph of the Brown family.

Contributors: Brown-Moore, Marian.