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Photograph portrays Ira Rawls on the right, president of Twin City Negro Development Co. and Reginald Harris, maintenance man, on the left.

Recipe for sweet potato pie, a family favorite.

A newspaper clipping of a photograph of the old Rondo neighborhood.  The picture shows the intersection of Rondo Street (Avenue) and Arundel Street as it was before the construction of I-94.  The story is part of the Recorder's Black History Month…

Marvin Anderson won this red and white striped cap when he competed in a Duncan Yo-Yo contest.

A picture of Readus and Florence Fletcher as children

Photograph of Queen of Snow crowning Queen of Hallie Q Brown, Dee Dee Ray (Lewis), at the Hallie Q Brown Center in 1963 at the Winter Carnival.

Marian Brown-Moore contributed this family photograph. Pictured are mother and father William and Laura Brown, along with Marian and sibling.

Photograph of school children featuring the contributor's mother, Mary Toliver Jones.

In 1948, eight young students from St. James Church participated in a two-week farm visit with a family in Cherry Grove, MN. The trip was sponsored by the Minnesota Council of Churches. This photograph was originally posted in the St. Paul Dispatch,…

Photo of Nate Evans, the first Black fire fighter at Fire Station #22 on Front and Matilda Street. A current firefighter, Gerone Hamilton, brought in the image and is photographed with it (right), alongside Marvin R. Anderson (left).
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