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Framed photograph of a woman, signed "With Love, Marge."

Melvin Carter Sr.'s trumpet.  Melvin Carter Jr. holding Voices of Rondo book open to photo of Melvin Carter Sr. playing trumpet.

Photo of Mr. and Mrs. Jones

Photograph of Rondo Women's Bowling League, including Florence Fletcher (second from the left). Original owner Marvin R. Anderson.

Photo of AM Kindergarten class at Maxfield School in 1941.

Cotillion photograph with Isabel Fostery; Mary K. Murray (Boyd); Vanne Owens (Hayes)

Newspaper clipping featuring Robert Archie Jones. Jones was an advertising salesman with the St. Paul Recorder and Minneapolis Spokesman.  Left to right: Marion Carol (13), Roberta Alyee (15), Robert A. Jones, Jr. (9), Robert A. Jones, Mrs. Jones…

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Photograph of Florence and Readus Fletcher, a Rondo mother and son, taken by Gordon Parks at Esther Peake Studios located in Rondo.

Photo of family momentos with Sterling Vincent Owens, Sr. and Wanda Marie Piper Owens (1942); Sterling Owens, Sr., Director of St. Paul Urban League.

Family photographs belonging to the contributor, many taken before he was born. A few relate to the early Black community on St. Anthony overlooking where I-94 currently exists.
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