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Theatre Productions 1905 to Present

The Macalester College Theatre Project from 1905 to present is a look at Macalester Theatre program thought its productions. This project has two components. The first is a “Timeline of Productions” by decades and this is a quite insight into the productions of each year containing photos, program and articles. The second part is “The Theatre Archives,” which has the material from the timeline plus more photos and information of each item for each year.

Both parts of the project have items that reflect the production and the Macalester Archives in the Macalester Library has many more photos.

Each decade has a list of plays and Theatre Faculty for each year but if marked with an asterisk it means we have no photos. The decade of the 1960’s is the first decade finished and productions viewed as a beta testing of “Timeline.” If you have any feedback about the project or know persons in photos that has a “Question Mark,” please feel free to contact Dan Keyser at