Human Computers at NASA

The Human Computers at NASA project is a student/faculty collaborative project at the Macalester College's American Studies Department that seeks to shed light on the buried stories of African American women with math and science degrees who began working at NACA (now NASA) in 1943 in secret, segregated facilities.

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The Macalester College Theatre from 1905 to present

The Macalester College Theatre from 1905 to present is a look at Macalester Theatre program thought its productions. This project has two components. The first is a “Timeline of Productions” by decades and this is a quite insight into the productions of each year containing photos, program and articles. The second part is “The Theatre Archives,” which has the material from the timeline plus more photos and information of each item for each year.

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Publishing @ MAC

The DeWitt Wallace library at Macalester College believes the original work created by our faculty, students, and staff should be available and visible to the world. Our scholarly publishing system is committed to open access and disseminating the scholarly and creative works of our community to the widest possible audience.

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